SESAMO BIO SEED OIL 250 ml mechanically extracted no refining processes | Mymarca

SESAMO BIO OIL 250 ml extracted mechanically no refining processes no roasted

8,26 €

Organic SESAME SEED OIL from organic Sesame seeds grown by the Cartechini company.

Food sesame oil, extracted mechanically without refining processes and above all without roasting, maintains the same characteristics as the seed, known above all for its high content of calcium and beneficial lipids.

It is rich in vitamins, with particular reference to vitamin A, vitamin E and B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B12). It is therefore considered an oil that is particularly beneficial for health, both for food use and for curative and cosmetic use.

Organic Sesame oil must be used raw so as not to burn its precious nutritional properties.

Bottle size of 250 ml.

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