LONZETTA di FICO 250 gr NEMO typical dessert with flavored dried fruit

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LONZETTA DI FICO, tasty and nutritious, always remembers and enhances the flavors of the past, especially if accompanied by a slice of fossa cheese and embellished with honey amber ....

The lonzetta di fico lives its second youth as it has discovered its happy ability to combine with the exciting flavors of great Italian cheeses such as fossa cheese, pecorino, parmesan, castelmagno, and others.

La Dolciaria Marche Srl in the continuous, constant search for lost traditions and flavors has taken up the forgotten recipe. Collected the figs, dried them, ground them, enriched the dough with walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts and flavored with anise and mistrà seeds. Portioned the mass into salami, wrapped them in the fragrant fig leaves and, as once, tied them with colorful woolen threads.

Ingredients: dried figs 85%, roasted ALMONDS, toasted HAZELNUTS, NUTS, mistrà, sapa, rum liquor, anise seeds.

Format: real leaf, similfoglia, protective atmosphere, box.

Grammation: 250 gr

Since the new regulations on the hygiene of food products can not be ignored, without offending the tradition, it was considered appropriate to interpose a real micro-perforated coating (patented technique) between the leaf and the mixture, while not hindering the perspiration of the product during curing, prevents direct contact of the leaf with the edible mass and therefore the transmission of any microorganisms (yeasts and molds) present in it, as can be seen from the results of the analysis.

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