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ANISETTA MELETTI DRY - A liquor to conquer the world 42° 0,7 lt.

18,64 €

Dry version of the traditional Meletti liqueur with slightly higher alcohol content, the more decisive taste exalts the digestive anise properties.

Made with the same ingredients and the same production process of the classic, Anisetta Meletti Dry is distinguished by the stronger taste due to the lower sugar concentration that emphasizes the aromaticness of the green anise and enhances its rich, complex and spiced scents with delicate citrus notes.

Alcohol content: 42% 

Packaging: 700 ml. Personalized white round-conical glass bottle, blue and white label.

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Consumption tips:
To best express the anise taste and enjoy its peristaltic and thirst-quenching properties it’s advisable to taste it in purity or soon after added ice or soda in the glass.
Alternatively with the fly (3 toasted coffee beans added in the shots) or as an aristocratic coffee correction.

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