TESTAMOZZA 2019 Castrum Morisci Piceno DOC BIO red wine aged in amphorae

18,00 €

TESTAMOZZA 2019 Castrum Morisci, Piceno DOC Sangiovese in purity, unfiltered red wine, aged in terracotta amphorae.

Type: organic red wine, unfiltered.

Denomination: Piceno DOC

Grapes: 100% Sangiovese in purity

75 cl bottle with the braille label for blind and partially sighted people.
Cork stopper - Contains sulphites
Alcoholic strength 13,0% vol. - Longevity 6 years

Colline di Moresco vineyard (Marche ITALY) 120—190 m asl, east facing, slope 12-15%
Soil Medium mixture tending to clayey
Training system Guyot 3600 plants / ha - Yield 90 Q

Harvest: manual, in small boxed

Vinification: Spontaneous fermentation in amphora with indigenous yeasts

Aging: in amphora with maceration on the skins for 6 months

Organoleptic examination
Bright ruby red.
A short oxygenation is good to exalt the grape’s scents, sometimes rustic.
The sensation range develops from terrestrial to Mediterranean scrub, with humus scents. Fruit and cherry are more pronounced on the palate, where the tannin does not scratch. Medium body and bitter finish.

Food pairing: Roast turkey stuffed with plums, beef with caramelized onions, seasoned cheeses.
Serving temperature: 18° C (65° F)

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