PASSERINA BRUT Centanni organic sparkling wine Charmat method

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Type: organic sparkling wine

Charmat method

Grapes: Passerina

Harvest: when acidity and sugar content are optimal to create a sparkling base, the grapes are picked by hand with careful selection, placed in small containers, and transported immediately to the cellar to be processed. The harvest takes place in mid-August, early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid the hot hours.

Fermentation: the soft pressing is followed by an immediate lowering of the temperature, to facilitate the decantation and elimination of the suspended substances present in the must. Fermentation takes place in steel tanks at controlled temperature (10 ° for the duration of fermentation). Once the fermentation is over, the turbid wine is put in cisterns that are perfectly clean to clear.

Pairings: fresh cheeses, white meat, fish.
Serving temperature: 8/10 ° C

Alcohol content: 11.00%

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