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Hard Ascolana olive oil 25 Cl Gabrielloni made in Italy best EVOO

16,31 €
An olive oil with a handsome emerald green colour, traceable to its noteworthy chlorophyll content. This variety has an even richer stock of polyphenols than the others, exclaiming the spicy, tangy sensations it provides. It mild fruited flavour carries unmistakable hints of parsley and Spring meadows. It is a very fluid olive oil.
In the kitchen it goes perfectly with boiled meats, extra-rare steaks, codfish and stockfish.

The Gabrielloni company presents its single-olive varieties of oil under the name Virgoro, having chosen for pressing, at each harvest, the olive that stands out above the rest for the quality and characteristics of that year’s crop.

These special, limited selections bring out the specific strengths and sensations of each types of olive, features further reinforced by the conditions of soil and climate of the given period.

The individual varieties of Virgoro are meant not only for aficionados and gourmets, but for all those eager to discover unforgettable tastes and scents, trying out the exquisite combinations that result when used with different dishes and foods.

The olive oil comes in an elegant 0.250-litre bottle.

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