MISTRA' Meletti 70 cl Dry digestive anise liqueur and coffee corrector

18,12 €

MISTRA' Meletti  - Transparent crystalline spirituous beverage of the oldest Marche tradition, Mistrà Meletti is obtained through a slow and accurate distillation of only aniseeds  (pimpinella anisum) and pure alcohol in discontinuous alambic.

The spirit that is obtained, enriched with a second aromatic distillation, is the dryest of anise liqueurs, with a strong and fine taste, a good digestive and a coffee corrector

Personalized bottle of 700 ml., white round-conical glass, green and white label.

Alcohol content: 45% alc.vol.

In order to purchase the product you must have reached the legal age required by law for the consumption of alcoholic beverages

Consumption tips: Great thirst-quenching if savored with water and ice, straight  digestive, on the rocks, with the fly (3 toasted coffee beans added in the shot), as a coffee correction.

Shelf life: Indefinite.

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