BITTER liqueur Meletti 1lt Aperitif smooth or with ice 25% alc.vol

16,80 €

A bitter liqueur with a bright red colour obtained by the infusion of bitter herbs and citrus fruits in water and alcohol.

With fruity taste and predominance of sweet and bitter orange, balanced by floral notes, is an aperitif that you can taste straight or with ice.

Great base for preparing cocktails.

Consumption tips: Straight, on the rocks, frozen, with a spray of seltz, ideal for cocktails such as Americano, Negroni or M&M.

Packaging: 1 lt. - Round-conical bottle in white glass, blue label with gold borders and red signs.

Alcohol content: 25% alc.vol. - Shelf life: Indefinite.

In order to purchase the product you must have reached the legal age required by law for the consumption of alcoholic beverages

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