CASARECCE wholemeal Pasta Picena 500gr Durum Wheat Semolina Full Organic

2,90 €

CASARECCE wholemeal pasta Picena - Italian certified organic durum wheat and water from the Sibillini Mountains.

The milling is done with stone mills to store all the components of the wheat: bran, endosperm and germ. This allows you to keep all the nutritional and vitamin properties unaltered, for a better supply of proteins, fibers and minerals.

Bronze dies are used and dried at an average temperature of 40 ° C, taking about 25 hours for short pasta and 40 hours for long pasta.

The casarecce have a diameter of 9mm and a length of 48mm.
The cooking time is 7/8 minutes in plenty of salted water.

PVC and paper bag> 500gr

Keep in a cold and dry place
Shelf-life: consume within 2 years
To be consumed after cooking
Allergens: cereals containing gluten
Microbiological characteristics: compliance with the limits established by current regulations EC Regulation 2073/2005 and subsequent amendments
Controlled operator n. 45001

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