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Oil EVO Gregori 25cl monocultivar Ascolana tenera in stainless steel bottle

20,80 €

The highest score of Gambero Rosso in the Italian olive oil guide 2018 - "3 leaves" award

The oil obtained from the olive Ascolana Tenera, is much sought after thanks to the perfumes it releases, and much appreciated by the chefs for its lightness and slightly bitter taste.

This Italian monucultivar oil is rich in polyphenols, highly degradable substances, mainly due to light and oxygen, so it is bottled in stainless steel bottles, to ensure that the oil retains its original taste, scent and color, even after months of milling.

Extra virgin olive oil, has very low acidity, and fruity aromas reminiscent of: tomato, artichoke and almond, is rich in polyphenols, omega 3 and omega 6, all substances that help our health.

Beautiful 25 cl stainless steel bottle with doser
Variant available on request 50 cl.

To guarantee the quality, it is important to bring only the best olives to the mill, and perform the extraction in the evening of the same day in which they were collected. Only in this way can a large oil be obtained, and avoid oxidation.
The oil is cold-pressed with a continuous 2-phase system, without exceeding the temperature of 28 ° C.


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