TORRONE stuffed with sponge cake Casa Francucci master confectioners from Cameri

Camerino 2 years later - Solidarity purchases for producers affected by the earthquake.

Soft nougat stuffed with sponge cake, from an ancient recipe of the Camerino Masters Confectioners, limited craft production.

Camino nougat is a treasure trove of honey and goodness. He does not allow himself to be defeated without defense: hard and shy at first sight, he lets himself be melted in his teeth (so the people of the mountain Marches ... rough outside but tender in their underwear).

Ingredients: Peeled and toasted national almonds 60, honey, sugar, egg white and host (potato starch, water), natural flavors.
Coverage: sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa in bulk (emulsifier: lecithin, natural flavors: vanilla).
Sponge cake (16%): eggs, flour, sugar, natural flavorings, yeast: sodium diphosphate E450, sodium acid carbonate E500ii, corn starch, stabilizer (calcium salts of the fatty acids E470a).

Grams: 250

Casa Francucci 1890, a ghiotta history of ancient confectioners ...

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