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NERO di GROTTA 950gr Martarelli pecorino cheese aged in the cave

26,00 €

NERO di GROTTA accompanies its strong flavor with a soft paste.
After a first semi-maturation it is transferred to the tuff caves in Sant 'Agata Feltria.

Ideal for flavoring first or second courses, or accompanied by jam and honey.

PS Ingredients Sheep's milk, rennet, salt. ITALIAN MILK

Characteristics: soft texture, strong flavor, dark straw color, treated with olive oil and vinegar on the surface.

Minimum maturation 12 months

Preservatives and dyes: absent

Storage: +4/8 ° C, it is recommended to keep at room temperature 1 hour before consuming

Whole cheese weight approx .: 950 grams +/- 10%

Nutritional values
Energy 1934 kj / 461 kcal
Fats 37.2 gr of which saturated fatty acids 27.7 gr
Carbohydrates 1.01 gr of which sugars 0.01 gr
Proteins 36.61gr
Salt 1.49
Calcium 1101 mg

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