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PECORINO Seasoned VALLESINA Martarelli Typical Marche cheese

7,18 €

Seasoned in caves at ideal temperature, which favors a slow and natural fermentation. A strong and slightly spicy cheese that leaves the palate sweetly satisfied.

Ideal for flavoring first or second courses, or accompanied by jam and honey.

Ingredients PS sheep's milk, rennet, salt. ITALIAN MILK

Characteristics: despite the long aging process, it maintains a soft and slightly granular texture, with a dark straw color and a strong flavor

Maturation 4/12 months in relation to the form

Preservatives and dyes: absent

Storage: +4/8 ° C, it is advisable to keep at room temperature 1 hour before consuming

Slice approx: 300 grams +/- 8%

Nutritional values per 100 grams
Energy 1888kj / 451 kcal
Fats 36.1 g of which saturated fatty acids 25.2 gr
Carbohydrates 0.52 grams of which sugars 0.01 gr
Proteins 230.9 gr
Salt 1.47 gr
Football 1080

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