LONZA Marche 850gr Alto Nera vacuum cut

18,85 €

RisorgiMarche Castel Sant'Angelo sul Nera - For a joint purchase.

Lonza marchigiana or capocollo, the pork neck salted and spicy as tradition (also in the flavored version) with fennel flower stuffed into natural bondiane and tied manually by string.

Ancient methods, quality meats, attention to a centuries-old tradition, these are the characteristics that Norcineria Alto Nera offers its customers.

Precious meats that smell of woods and oak, flavored with mountain essences, the old and healthy "eat well".

Raw materials used: pork neck, salt, flavorings, spices, sucrose, dextrose. Antioxidant: E300 - Preservatives: E252, E250

Vacuum piece of about 850 +/- 8% Goods subject to weight loss

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