BOX Spaghetti 50cm long Senatore Cappelli Regina Sibillini limited edition

33,00 €

Long Spaghetti The most classic of formats, in a version ... without end! Like a little treasure, an elegant box full of original spaghetti, for an exclusive gift for someone you particularly love.

Limited edition 2019, numbered boxes.

With its 50 cm in length, this special spaghetti combines tradition with the needs of the most refined dishes. In fact, once the spaghetti were much longer than the current format, then for convenience they were cut.

The spaghetti comes out of the die in the original length of one meter and is placed on the rods for drying; subsequently it is manually stripped of the bow so as not to cause trauma to the pasta.

An almost sartorial procedure, which becomes precious in the delicate phase of flattening, allowing you to create an even more composed and elegant "nest".

Technical characteristics of the ancient durum wheat pasta Senatore Cappelli
Section: round
Length: 500 mm (manual final processing)
Diameter: 2.2mm
Contains gluten

Weight: 1000 grams

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