ASCOLANA tenera 50cl Montecappone Oil EVO monucultivar of the Marche


Ascolana Tenera is one of the most prestigious Italian varieties: a typical cultivar of the sweet hills of the Marche region.

Its fruits, rich in juice and pulp, are good to be consumed alone in brine, stuffed for the typical Ascolan recipe and finally give an excellent olive oil.

Color: green tending to yellow
Bouquet: complex and intense with a particular hint of tomato leaf
Taste: decided in its sensations in which the sweetness, the bitter and the spicy are in perfect balance

Pairings: well-seasoned first courses, boiled meats, raw food

Bottle of 50 CL.

Production area: Municipality of Jesi
Soil: clayey with good percentages of sand and gravel
Breeding system: Polyconic vase
Yield per plant: 25 kg approx
Collection: Hand-curing
Milling: Within 4 hours
Extraction: Continue without adding water at 24 ° C
Acidity g / 100g (as oleic acid) from 0.15 to 0.20
Delta KK 0.00
Total polyphenols (MG / Kg as gallic acid) from about 400 to 450 varying with the year
Number peroxides meq (active oxygen / kg) 2.5 - 4


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