RAW HAM with bone Recchi organic farm - Aged 18 months

387,20 €

The raw ham with bone, from the artisanal processing of the Marches pig, is the flagship of the Recchi pig butchery.

With its delicate and generally sweet taste, the ham testifies, with all its characteristics, the quality of the production process.

It comes from the combination of two unique ingredients: the leg of pig and salt, combined with a maturing of at least 18 months.

Ham with bone of about 10 Kg.

How can we verify the genuineness of the typical Marche ham?

1 - Through the typical consistency of the rind and the formation of calcium granules along the cut that confirm the quality of the seasoning which, depending on the weight of the thigh, ranges from 15 to 36 months.

2 - The color between pink and red is not too bright (index of no addition of nitrates and nitrites).

3 - The excellent fat / lean ratio to indicate that the animal used was in a good state of fattening ie "mature" at slaughter.

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