Mini pork sausages ideal for aperitifs or appetizers

Mini sausages 300 gr Funari ideal for aperitifs or appetizers

8,01 €

Mini sausages with a characteristic pink color on the slice and an intense and harmonious aroma: ideal for aperitifs or appetizers.

It is usually produced by filling a natural pig casing (intestine) with the remaining meat after the production of the ham and fillet, obtained from the boned shoulder, skinned belly, salt and pepper.

Ingredients: pork, dextrose salt, sucrose, flavorings, spices, garlic. Antioxidant: E300 - Preservatives: E252 E250.

Seasoning: 10/15 days

Shelf life: 6 months with the packaging intact - Storage method: refrigeration temperature (+ 2 ° to + 4 ° C)

Vacuum shrink packaging weight 300 grams +/- 5%.
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