Carpegna PDO cured ham aged 18 months 100% Italian pig

239,29 €

Carpegna PDO cured ham aged 18 months , gently sweet with a marked aftertaste. Fragrant and characteristic aroma ..

Nine master butchers who devote themselves every day to the production of a rare specialty, with the passion that only the awareness of giving life to a unique product can instill.
Every day, in the patient silence of the labor rituals that are transformed into art of delicatessen. Gestures so subdued and invisible, as they are noble and noble in their methodicality.

Ingredients: Italian pig leg, Cervia salt. The stucco-based pepper and paprika together with the unique microclimate in which they mature donate a scent and an aroma if not spicy, decidedly distinctive enough to make it unmistakable when compared. P cuts the cut strictly by hand .

The drying phase affects both the chromaticity and the texture of the slice which is striking for its color, delicately amber and for a softer tasting without equal.

Recommended temperature for storing ham: <+18 ° C

Whole with bone: 9.75 Kg. Approximately +/- 3%

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