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Sparkling brut Peruzzi Classico Millesimato 2015 Verdicchio grapes BIO Dosage Ze

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Sparkling wine from Bio Verdicchio Classico Millesimato Extra Brut 2015 Peruzzi winery, the brio that you will find bubbling in your glasses.

The taste of those who prefer to enjoy the sparkling wine as an aperitif but then continue throughout the lunch without excessive effervescence. Health and happy holidays.

Type: sparkling white wine

Method: Classic

Dosage zero: because no sugars are added at the time of disgorgement, nor even old wines or anything else.

Grapes produced with the organic system: Verdicchio, an autochthonous grape from the central area of ​​the Marche.

Total sulphites (antioxidants): less than 50mg / lt including the part that by nature the wine self-produces during fermentation.

Vineyards in Monte Roberto, immersed in the natural ecosystem created only by the turn of the seasons.
Vines of more than 30 years on clayey-calcareous soil in a hill facing south-east.

Harvest: scrupulous cleaning of the bunches at harvest, their squeezing within the day and the aid of a cooling system.

Vinification: Fermentation in the bottle and aging on the lees: after frothing, the bottles lie for a minimum of three years in the underground cellar where the low temperature allows an optimal refinement, until the wine ripens.

Bubbles: the pressure inside the bottle is about Bar 5.0: deliberately a lower point than the standard.

Organoleptic examination
Straw-colored, and thanks to the long maturation on the lees, with abundant froth and a very fine perlage.
On the nose the scent of bread crust stand out, a gift of yeasts, citrus and almond aromas, acacia flowers ... but everyone will be able to discover personal ones.
Fragrant and complex at the same time, in the final opens to a strong flavor, linked to the classic note of bitter almond, typical of the grape. It does not lack character while remaining elegant.

Gastronomic matches: it has the ideal structure to support the whole lunch. Makes it best on seafood, fish, crustaceans and molluscs. Excellent with dishes based on white meat, including sauces. Especially suitable for frying, meat, fish or vegetables.
How to serve: In flûte or tulip, at a temperature between 6 and 8 ° C.

Duration of the product: many years, taking care to keep the bottle in a cool, dark and laid down place so as not to dry the cork by letting carbon dioxide escape and enter oxygen.

Alcohol: 12.5 degrees - Residual sugar: 0.7 gr. per liter.

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