WODKA Collesi Distillato strictly Made in Italy Bottle 70cl - Alcohol 40.00%

23,00 €

The Vodka Collesi is the result of the meeting between superior raw materials and the skilled mastery of the Collesi Tenute Distilleries.

Only highly selected ingredients for a vodka that conquers with its character. An elegant blend of superior quality wheat, precious grapes and wine together with the absolute purity of the water that flows from Monte Nerone.
The artisan process is slow and marked as a ritual. The alcohol is subjected to intensive refrigeration for 56 hours, gradually brought back just above zero and then filtered for 8 times.

Organoleptic characteristics
Sharp in its sensory nuances, it reveals to the nose a delicate and fruity fragrance, enriched with aromatic notes of cereals and grapes.
On the palate it is full-bodied and at the same time soft and harmonious. Versatile and impeccable both smooth and as a base for cocktails, to be served at 3 ° C.

Alcohol content: 40.00%
Bottle 70 Cl. elegant and contemporary design: high, slender and embellished at the base with droplets in low relief on the glass.

In order to purchase the product you must have reached the legal age required by law for the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

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