VIGNETI B 2016 red wine DOC Colli Maceratesi

9,69 €

Biological in all, logical in production: besides being a great wine is a philosophy and a production technique: a few thousand bottles for those who love important wines from organic farming vineyards.

Type: red wine
Classification: Maceratesi Red DOC
Grapes: Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Cabernet and Merlot

Production area: Collepere - Matelica
Layout: hilly in loose soil
Altitude: 390 m asl
Interfile: worked on filing cabinets
Breeding: gujot

Harvest: Based on sugar maturation curves, total acidity, ph, phenol

Vinification: Separate for vines with maceration of 10 days - 8 months aging in stainless steel tanks

Organoleptic examination
It is complex in scents and taste: dominance of the primary aromas of the fruit expressed by the various vines that make it, with a sweet tannin and a pleasant green note; soft, sapid, structured, persistent, elegant, pleasing.

Matches: for hot appetizers, elaborate and red dishes, all meats, medium seasoning cheeses.

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