VARANO 30 years 2015 Rosso Conero DOC large wood Alberto Serenelli

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ROSSO CONERO VARANO 30 YEARS 2015 has received within the Guide "Le Marche nel Bicchiere" 2019 edition, curated by the Italian Sommelier Marche Association, a report of merit returning to the "excellence" of the Marche.

Type: red wine

Denomination: Conero DOC

Grapes: Montepulciano in purity

A wine with great body and structure, suitable for a long period of storage in bottles, at least up to 10/15 years in the ideal conditions of the cellar.

Location Vineyard - Podere Boranico of surface has. 16.33.15 in the village of Varano, Municipality of Ancona, close to Monte Conero in a hilly slope prepared for the best sun exposure.
Characteristics Grapes - Located at the highest point and protected by the Boranico estate, the vineyard, with an area of Ha. 0.99.50, was planted in 1997 with 100% Montepulciano vine.
The yield is limited to 55 ql. of grapes per hectare.

Vinification The grapes when ripe are harvested manually, de-stemmed and crushed in the same day.

Fermentation takes place at a temperature between 29 and 31 ° C.

The maceration of the must-wine with the marc goes on for 20 days with daily pumping over. After the racking, the malolactic fermentation is carried out in large wooden barrels.

Aging - Malolactic fermentation ends at the end of December; the wine is poured and placed again in large wooden barrels and left to rest for 13 months, at the end the wine is bottled.

Analytical Data: Alcohol 14.50% vol - Total acidity 5.36 gr./l. - Volatile acidity 0.48 gr./l. - Dry extract 31.30 gr./l.

Packaging / Packaging: wooden box with 6 bottles.

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