Ready sauce RAGU' of meat Fattori as homemade Italian tomato

5,46 €

Tomato and ragu ready sauce, Marche country tradition.

The product is intended for human consumption and is produced in compliance with Italian legislation regarding food and preserves in general.

The product is free from contamination, from infestations and their residues, from alterations of any entity and origin, from foreign bodies of any kind, as well as from substances other than those specified on the label.

The production takes place according to the best technologies and in the best hygienic conditions.

Ingredients: Tomato 100% Italian 62%, veal 16%, pork 16%, extra virgin olive oil, onion, celery, carrot, salt, pepper.
SEnza gluten - Allergens: Celery

After opening and heating, the product must have taste, smell and pleasant characteristic features.

185 gram jar

ENERGY KJ 887 / kcal 212
FAT g 11.9 of which SATURI g 2
CARBOHYDRATES g 15 of which
SUGARS g 2.8
PROTEIN g 13.5
SALT g 2.5

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