SUNFLOWER SEED OIL 1lt Mechanically extract NOT refined

8,20 €

Organic Sunflower Seed Oil, Mechanically Extract, Without Refining processes to maintain the physical and nutritional characteristics unaltered.

From the intense aroma of Girasole with notes of bitter to the palate.

The taste is pleasantly intense, like that of a fresh sunflower seed freshly unshelled, nothing to do with the most common sunflower seed oil used for frying.

To ensure its beneficial effects it must be consumed raw.

  • In sauces (eg emulsified with yogurt, lemon, salt, finely chopped leek, salt, parsley, a pinch of acacia honey).
  • Alone, as with olive oil, to season salads, fish, cereals, etc.

1 lt round Doric bottle.

The organic sunflower seeds are thresh dried (humidity max 9-10%), perfectly ripe.
After being selected, they are pressed in the company's mill with only mechanical pressing without refining processes, several times a year, thus ensuring always fresh oil.
From a quintal of sunflower seeds, only about 27- 30 liters are obtained (depending on the season),
The oil is kept in stainless steel tanks at 17-18 ° C constant.
Every year chemical analyzes are carried out at certified facilities and ACCREDITED by the Ministry

The raw oil (sunflower) provides us with an essential vitamin, as they are all, which has been designated by the letter F. It is a very specific chemical substance, a fatty acid called linoleic acid. It ensures the normal permeability of our upholstery fabrics, and in this way protects our interior from the external environment.

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