BRUMATO 2008 Verdicchio di Jesi DOC Passito Garofoli vini white raisin wine for

BRUMATO Verdicchio di Jesi DOC Passito dessert wine after dinner.
Over-ripening of the grapes combined with an extremely low yield on the vines gives this wine a structure and an aromatic complexity that reveals a great personality.

Type of wine:a white raisin wine

Name: Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi DOC Passito

Grapes: Verdicchio

Zone of origin the Castelli di Jesi hills.
Terrain medium consistency with areas rich in clay alternating with zones with substantial sand.
Yield x ha 50

Processing - the grapes are dried in the vineyard and afterward in appropriate cold rooms - destalking and pressing of the grapes - brief skin contact followed by slow fermentation for about 40 days in 225-liter oak barrels.

Maturation: the wine obtained remains in wood for 18 to 24 months and, once bottled, it matures in a temperature-controlled cellar for at least one year before it goes on the market.

Organoleptic test
Color golden yellow with amber reflections.
Bouquet appealing, aromatic, fine and delicate with lightly spicy notes.
Flavor aromatic, extremely intense, full and well-rounded.

Consumption in ideal conditions, the wine will evolve for five to seven years following the vintage.

Food matches an excellent accompaniment for fois gras, herbed cheeses or a regional specialty, formaggio di fossa (an unusual cheese). It goes well with figs and salami and marmalades of citrus fruits. It is also a delectable aperitif.
Serving temperature 16° C (61° F)

Bottle: 50 cl

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