NERO VISCIOLA Azienda Antinori - Aromatized wine and sour cherry drink

NERO VISCIOLA 50 cl Antinori - Aromatized wine and sour cherry drink

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Black Visciola - Prunus Cerasus is a very common plant in the countryside and hills of the Marche region, bearing a small sour cherry, more commonly known as "Visciola".

Adapting to any type of soil and without needing special care, often this plant even grows wild.. The name chosen for our flavored drink based on wine and sour cherries is “Nero Visciola”, to recall the black colour that sour cherries take on when they reach the ripeness required for the harvest which takes place in June.

Grapes: Sangiovese 70%, Verdicchio 30% - Percentage of Visciole: 40/45%

Alcohol content achieved: 12 ° / 13 ° 

Bottle: 50 cl

Once harvested, the sour cherries are cleaned and selected and then put together with wine and sugar in steel containers, according to precise rules that we have tried to experiment with and correct over time in order to achieve the right balance and the right sensory harmony. .

The wine ferments for about 90 days, after which the sour cherries are removed and the product is left to settle naturally for another 30 days.

Organoleptic characteristics: intense ruby red, with persistent visciola aromas accompanied by a balanced sweetness.

Pairings: an excellent accompaniment for all dry pastries and for all desserts, ideal on ice cream in the summer or combined with chocolate.
Serving temperature: 10 ° / 12 °

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