Organic PEACHES in syrup 500gr San Michele Arcangelo Italian product KM 0

6,25 €

PEACHES in syrup San Michele Arcangelo BIO

The WineHunter Award Red Award, awarded to the Merano Wine Festival 2019.

BIO cane sugar, dissolved in water, becomes syrup to accommodate juicy pieces of hand-picked and selected fruit.

Peaches in syrup with high antioxidant power, rich in trace elements, potassium, iron, manganese and fluorine, vitamin C, provitamin A and fibers. This "percoca" variety, of large size, comes from a strong and productive plant.

The sour notes of peaches in syrup are skillfully balanced by the sweetness of the preserve solution, a balance to be savored in purity or by adding fruit in syrup to other preparations, such as ice cream, cream and fruit salad or as a garnish for cakes and homemade tarts .

Ingredients: Organic peaches, water, organic cane sugar, organic lemon juice.

500 gr. Jar

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