COOKIES 200 gr Frolla Coop Sociale Italian biscuits step by step

The classic Anglo-Saxon is made Frolla! A round and proud biscuit that will keep you company in the breakfasts, in the snacks and, why not, even in a pleasant after dinner.

Frolla is a starting point, a family, a space, a possibility. Frolla is where hopes become biscuit.

For our kids, with different disabilities, work is future, it's independence. And they, for us, are irreplaceable resources

All products are designed with new and inviting combinations of flavors to satisfy the most demanding palates and are made using excellent quality raw materials.

Ingredients: Wheat flour "00", Butter, Eggs, Sugar, Chocolate drops, Honey, Baking, Salt

Store in a cool, dry place. May contain traces of nuts.

Pack of 200 gr

THE PROJECT - Through the Frolla project, the Cooperative aims to raise awareness of the community on the problem of social exclusion. Frolla represents above all a concrete job opportunity and a possibility of comparison and exchange in a family and professional climate. The young people who use them, "disadvantaged" due to various weaknesses and weaknesses related to specific delays or disturbances, follow all stages of production, from the production of the products to their packaging.

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