HONEY OF MELATA BIO 280gr Apicoltura Luca Bianchi in the Marche

8,31 €

The goal is to introduce you to the excellences that characterize the Marche region.

MELATA BIO HONEY with a very dark and intense color, it has a pasty and basically liquid consistency.

Very rich honey, with a slight bitter note, very pleasant. The taste is persistent and enveloping.

Rich in mineral salts, it is used on many occasions. One of the characteristics is the liquid and very filamentous consistency.

It is produced in the Marche woods, mainly characterized by tall trees.

Produced by the tireless work of bees, honey is the result of the miles traveled daily by this animal. Each honey is the precise mirror of the environment that surrounds the hives.

280 grams jar - 50 grams jar on request

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