the TOP of MARCHE - Gift gourmet pack - No alcoholic beverages

the INFINITE package gives the TOP of the Marches exclusive gourmet specialties

120,00 €

INFINITE TASTE offers the TOP of the MARCHE, gourmet specialties and typical products.
High quality gift box, for a truly special person. A gift is an important, exclusive thing, the right opportunity to surprise those who receive it.

Do you want to give a package to a friend, customer or distant relative? Mymarca, the certainty of delivering it when and where you want in Italy or abroad.
Ideal corporate package for a client or a professional with a truly .... INFINITE TASTE!

The package can be even more INFINITE, completed with a wine, a sparkling wine and a distillate of YOUR TASTE, chosen in our online wine shop.

Ciauscolo IGP salame morbido marchigiano 500 Gr. (secondo disponibilità)
Salame lardellato (secondo disponibilità) 400 Gr.
Pecorino stagionato in grotta Calvisi 400 Gr.
Casciotta di Urbino DOP formaggio pasta morbida Tre Valli 450 Gr.
Composta peperoncino ideale con i formaggi Tuttifrutti 140gr

Miele di girasole Luca Bianchi 280 Gr.
Biscotti da forno Nemo 200 Gr.  
Cassata delle Marche eccellenza dolciaria locale Nemo 300 Gr. (o dolce simile di pari valore) 
Pasta di grano Senatore Cappelli Filotea 250 Gr.
Pasta di Campofilone Carassai 250 Gr.
Zuppa contadina Monte Gemmo 500 Gr.
Oliva Ascolana Tenera DOP in salamoia Gregori 550 Gr.
Lumache e ceci Midei 185 Gr.
Paccasassi sottolio (finocchietto selvatico del Conero) Rinci 200 Gr.
Rustico olio EVO BIO italiano Cartechini di 50 Cl  .
Mymarca, quality par excellence.

Features, useful information and sales prices for each product are available on the site and if you need advice, the Mymarca staff is at your complete disposal ( Tel: +39 0733 1941193) .
Packaging suitable for shipping in Italy and abroad by express courier.
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