Chocolate SFRAPPE i 7 Artigiani typical Carnival cake

13,50 €

The frappe or sfrappe is a traditional thin dessert, simple in its preparation: puffs of eggs, sugar and flour shaped in the shape of flakes or strips.

They are characteristic for the presence of "bubbles" as a consequence of frying, at the end they are seasoned with icing sugar and chocolate.

According to historians, the origins of the sfrappe dates back to Roman times, during which the so-called "frictilia" were prepared, sweets made from flour and eggs fried in pork fat.

Ingredients: Flour 0, free-range eggs , mistrà, rhum, sugar and emulsified lard.
Glaze: icing sugar and chocolate

Important : the product may contain traces of nuts.

Weight: 500 grams in transparent wrapping tray - Shelf life: 30 days

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