MORETTA 25 Marasco liqueur strong coffee from Fano fishermen 70cl - 25% vol.

15,49 €

Prepared already sweetened Strong coffee of the Fano fishermen, who still consume it on board, in bars and at home. From the port of Fano the use of the "Moretta" has spread to other parts of the city.

It is a drink very suitable for the hard and tiring work of the sea as it gives energy and warms up.

Strong and intense taste, it is possible to consume it at any time of the day. It is an ideal liqueur also for the preparation of sweets or as a simple coffee correction:

How to prepare it: pour a tablespoon and a half of hot mixture into a glass. Add a lemon zest and, very gently, some coffee.

Ingredients: alcohol hydrate, sugar, flavors, caramel E 150d.

70cl glass bottle - Alcohol content 25% Vol.

In order to purchase the product it is necessary to have reached the legal age required by law for the consumption of alcoholic beverages

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