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Ascolana Tenera Oil Fratoni bottle 50cl

15,00 €

The Oil Mill Fratoni produces oil, more and extra virgin olive oil, superior quality: the prized Monovarietale oil Ascolana Tender, therefore obtained from a single variety of olives.

The special feature of this oil is its authenticity; in fact, depending on the olive harvest period, its characteristics vary, since the grinding (processing performed by mills, ie mills that grind the product up to turn it into paste) begins after the middle of October and ends in late December.

Consequently, the machining of very green olives give life to an oil with a fruity taste, intense and spicy with artichoke essences and unripe apple; otherwise, increasing the degree of ripeness of the olives, you will get the least intense fruit with a light and sweet taste.

The choice and selection of olives is followed and run directly from the Fratoni family at Olive farms from which they are purchased and the same are pressed within 12 hours after harvesting, so as to preserve the characteristics and prevent its fermentation.

Bottle 50 cl

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