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DORATO 2015 Garofoli Marche IGT Moscato Bianco Passito sweet wine at the end of

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DORATO 2015 Garofoli Marche IGT Moscato Bianco Passito, aromatic with hints of white peach and lychee.

The great intensity and long aromatic persistence make it particularly suitable for various types of desserts.

Sweet wine, but with a pleasant freshness

Denomination: Marche Bianco IGT Passito

Vines: Moscato

50cl bottle - Cork stopper - Contains sulphites
Alcohol content13%

Area of origin of the Marche hills.
Medium textured soil.
Yield per hectare 70 q

Processing drying of the grapes in the fruit cellar; destemming and cold cleaning of the must and soft pressing of whole grapes and fermentation at controlled temperature.

Aging in steel.

Organoleptic examination
Golden yellow color with greenish reflections.
Pleasant, aromatic, fine and delicate bouquet.
Aromatic and sweet flavor, typical with a delicate vein of freshness.

Pairings go perfectly with light cakes, spoon desserts, fruit salads, pies, dry biscuits and almond paste or between meals, perhaps with fruit.
Serving temperature 12 ° C

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