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Fossa di Sogliano PDO cow's milk cheese 1,2kg TreValli aged 3 months

The Fossa di Sogliano PDO cow's milk cheese , recognized as a protected designation of origin PDO, has an aromatic taste and a fragrant, light and pleasant taste, with an intense and persistent smell.

The pit is an underground environment, dug into the tuff, in the shape of a flask, measuring about 4/5 m deep and 2 in diameter.
Once filled, they close with boards and pebbles walled with lime or plaster, to wait for the reopening after three months of seasoning in particular conditions of temperature (16 ° - 17 ° C) and relative humidity (98%).

Ingredients: pasteurized cow's milk, salt, rennet, selected lactic leak stopping, no preservatives. 100% Italian cow's milk.

Shape weighing about: 1.2 kg. (+/- 7%)

Nutritional declaration for average values per 100 grams
Energy 1774 kJ / 427 kcal
Fat 33 g of which saturated fatty acids 21.80 g
Carbohydrates 0.14 g of which sugars <0.01 g
Protein 32.40 g
Salt 0.84 g
How to use: To better enjoy its characteristics before being consumed, the product stored in the refrigerator, at a temperature between + 4 ° C and + 8 ° C, should be brought back to room temperature for a few hours.

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