GENTILE Oil EVOO Cartechini 3 lt Box Ecological Cardboard bag to save Freshness

34,91 €

The oil GENTILE del Frantoio Cartechini, is produced with olives deriving mainly from areas along the coast that characterize the delicate flavor with bitter and spicy notes pleasant on the palate and index of high content of polyphenols and antioxidant substances, which stand out better the taste of your dishes.

Pairings: Boiled fish and vegetables, White meats, Crescie and White Pizzas, Salads. The characteristic of this Extra Virgin Olive Oil is that it can be combined with any type of dish with a light flavor thanks to its particular extremely delicate taste that does not cover the flavors.

3-liter container in ecological cardboard with bag to save freshness !!!

The bag keeps the Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the absence of air, avoiding oxidation and keeping the aromas and flavors of Cartechini extra virgin olive oil longer.
Just simply Break the cardboard in the Front part where there are the hatches, remove the tap, remove the seal and …… PAY !!!

Harvesting period: From mid-November to the end of December
Storage: In temperature controlled tanks between 18 ° C and 20 ° C
Cultivar: Leccino (mainly), Frantoio, Moraiolo.
Appearance: Light green color tending to straw yellow
Fruity: Medium-Light
Taste: Balanced very light tones of Amaro and Piccante, tending to sweetish

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