Washable rigid mask kit 5 pieces HANDSON produced 100% Italian

30,00 €
25,00 €

HANDSON Washable rigid mask made in Italy.

It has a good filtering power which protects against common dust and non-dangerous coarse particles

It prevents contact contamination of your hands with your nose and mouth

It can be used for home use to protect the product or food being processed

It is not a PPE

It is not a medical / surgical device

Since it is not a PPE, nor a medical / surgical device, this product is free of CE marking. Product of art. 16 paragraph 2 of Legislative Decree No. 18 of 17/03/2020

5 pieces kit

The mask is composed of a white TNT PP and multilayer polyester filtering cup (for a total of 3 layers)
It has two white elastic bands fixed to it by stitching
It has an internal nasal adapter in light gray foam applied with double-sided tape to allow a comfortable fit to the face
The particular ergonomic flat shape and the two elastic bands guarantee better adaptability to the user's face
All the materials used comply with the EU reach legislation
Weight of the single product: approximately 7.5 g
100% Italian product

We recommend washing before use
We recommend washing the mask after 8 hours of use
As needed, it can be washed with neutral soap by hand at 40 °
The mask is easy to put on
We recommend keeping the product in a cool and dry place
It has a single package to improve the hygiene and conservation of the product
The manufacturer declines all responsibility for: - incorrect use of the product - incorrect use of the product - possible ingestion of the product or any parts of the product.

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