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Scriptorium GIN 43% 70cl from 18 botanical selection of Marche

56,00 €
44,80 €

SCRIPTORIUM DISTILLED GIN, born from the "amnticam" art of the distillers monks, a gin that is the result of rigorous craftsmanship, with a long taste that transmits the scents of the Marche region through the nose and captures the palate with soft and refined herbaceous notes.

18 are the botanicals selected from the Marche region, calibrated to the right point, to be perceived gradually,

A sensory journey, which originates from the Sibillini mountains, with juniper then helichrysum, olive leaves, linden boats, fragrant verbena, ect… crosses gentle hill slopes, finally reaching the Adriatic coast, impregnated with local perfumes.

Ingredients: distillate obtained from the maceration in alcohol of juniper berries and botanicals.

70 CL bottle.

Lorenzo, the producer

“My experience behind the counter is now ten years old. The curiosity and the desire to do led me to work outside the Marche region, in environments where I was able to deepen the world of blending and spirits.

In particular, I have always been fascinated by those spirits that represent a place, a story, a legend. This is in fact what I wanted to bring back to Scriptorium Gin: the Marche, my homeland. "

- Lorenzo Castricini

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