Wild blackberries composed of 170gr Le Spiazzette Sibillini fruit harvested by h

6,60 €

The wild blackberries of the Sibillini, picked by hand, a particular and unique flavor for this new fruit compote.

Ingredients: wild blackberries from Sibillini, sugar and lemon.

FROM THE SIBILLINI MOUNTAINS THE SWEET FRUIT OF NATURE. The jam is made with fruits from the Le Spiazzette farm and sweetened with a low percentage of sugar.

Ideal for breakfast.

Glass jar net weight 170 grams

Valori nutrizionali per 100gr:
Energia 686 KJ / 537 KCal 162
Carboidrati 39,6 g di cui zuccheri 30,5 g
Proteine 0,7 g
Sale 0,1 g

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