TARTUFO NERO PREGIATO (Tuber Melanosporum Vitt) - 100% italiano prodotto Azienda NeroBio

FINE BLACK TRUFFLE NeroBio (Tuber Melanosporum Vitt) Italian BIO


UNCINATO BLACK TRUFFLE (Tuber Melanosporum Vitt) 100% Italian produced by the NeroBio company, the guarantee of a product of superior quality and certain origin .

Available until March.

It has a fairly homogeneous and rounded appearance with polygonal warts, the color is blackish brown on the surface and takes on shades of rust when rubbed. The meat or gleba is dark inside with white / greyish veins, its aroma is intense, aromatic and fruity.

The certified natural truffle fields of the NEROBIO company, subjected to the biological control system, allow you to have fresh truffles in every season of the year.

Sizes: from 15 gr to rise and from 10 gr to rise.

How to buy - The price of the Precious Black Truffle varies from week to week and depends on size, regularity in shape and availability of the product on the market.

Delivery - Shipping of the fresh TRUFFLE within 24/48 hours from the moment of payment and acceptance of the order.

Packaging - In suitable refrigerated boxes. Do you want to buy a fresh truffle out of season? Leave your email and we will contact you as soon as it is available!

It should be washed but not peeled (the rind must not be removed, on the contrary it gives more flavor to the dish).

It should be consumed cooked; if you want to use it raw in flakes, it is recommended as a garnish. To enhance the flavor as much as possible, it must be ground, grated like cheese and cooked for a few minutes in a pan, the salt will enhance its flavor and aroma.

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