WHITE TRUFFLE NeroBio - Tuber magnatum Pico - 100% Italian - Whole first choice

WHITE TRUFFLE 2nd choice NeroBio Tuber magnatum Pico 100% Italian

WHITE TRUFFLE (Tuber magnatum Pico) 100% Italian, second choice, mixed broken and whole, under 10 grams.

Availability from 1st October to 31st December

The White Truffle is considered the most delicate and aromatic of the truffles, the so-called “white gold of the table” and the undisputed king of Italian food and wine .

It has a globular appearance, with numerous depressions on the peridium that make it irregular. The external surface is smooth and slightly velvety. The color varies from pale ocher to dark cream to greenish. Its pleasantly aromatic scent but different from the garlic of other truffles makes it unique in its kind.

In addition to taste, one of its main characteristics is its scarce availability, as it grows in impervious, humid and clayey soils, and in full symbiosis with poplars, beeches, oaks and lime trees.

The certified natural truffle fields of the NEROBIO company , subjected to the biological control system, allow you to have fresh truffles in every season of the year.

How to buy - The price of the White Truffle varies from week to week and depends on size, regularity in shape and availability of the product on the market.

Delivery - Shipment of the fresh TRUFFLE every following Tuesday from the moment of the order. NO CASH ON DELIVERY.

Packaging - In suitable polystyrene boxes with ice.

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