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BLACK TRUFFLE UNCINATO (Tuber Uncinatum) NeroBio Italian certified Organic

BLACK TRUFFLE UNCINATO (Tuber Uncinatum Chatin) or WINTER SCORZONE, 100% Italian, whole each at least 10 grams to rise.

It is a variety of truffles very similar to the Black Summer Truffle but has a more intense and refined aroma.
It has a rounded shape, rarely more flattened, and dimensions varying from those of a walnut to those of a tennis ball.

The certified natural truffles of the NEROBIO company, subjected to the biological control system, allow you to have fresh truffles in every season of the year.

The gleba is quite dark in color, almost chocolate-colored in mature specimens, and is crossed by thin and branched white veins.
The surface appears warty, furrowed with numerous wrinkles.
The aroma is pleasant and quite intense, the meat has a tasty flavor reminiscent of hazelnuts.

How to buy - The price of the truffle varies from week to week and depends on size, regularity in shape and availability of the product on the market.

Delivery - Shipping of fresh TRUFFLE every following Tuesday from the time of order. NO CASH ON DELIVERY

Packaging - In suitable polystyrene boxes with ice.

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