HALF TIME Amazing black cuckoo clock Diamantini and Domeniconi

231 €
184,8 €

An unexpected modern evolution of the traditional cuckoo clock. The classic shape is cut in half, and the bird comes out of the side.

Wonderfully creative wall mounted time piece with a body the of half a classic cuckoo clock

Material: lacquered wood
Colore: black frame - white hands, 4 arabic numbers and cuckoo
Dimensions cm: width 18 x length 35 x sp/th 14

Mechanism complies with the RoHS Directive: cuckoo mechanism with two batteries (not included) - Quartz movement

Cuckoo volume control: there are 3 different option (high, low, off) at the exit of the cuckoo (the bird pops out with a boisterous call or a softer tone)

Night sensor: for it uses the motion sensor-controlled light at nightime the cuckoo makes no sound

Designer: Antoine Bassil

Certified 100% Made in Italy

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