WINE and sour cherries 50cl selection Poisonous flavored dessert drink

WINE and sour cherries selection Poisonous, involving typical Marche region , which gently intrigues us and tempts us to drink a second and even a third ..... glass!

Meditation wine , to be savored and tasted in company, rediscovering lost flavors. It is called visciolato or more frequently sour cherry wine.

Type: flavored dessert drink, to be combined with dry pastries, bitter cocoa.

Blend: Superior Tear 70%; Sour cherries syrup 30%

Bottle: 50 cl. - Alcohol content 14.5%

First harvest bottled: 2007

Processing: To make our wine and sour cherries we use an ancient variety of wild cherry (Prunus cerasus), with a dark red color and a sour taste.
The sour cherries are harvested in the first weeks of July and are left to macerate, partly whole and partly crushed, with sugar; this triggers a fermentation which, slowly, leads to the final, soft and fragrant syrup.
This product is decanted for a few days and then filtered. We thus obtain a syrup with a very high sugar concentration, which is incorporated into the wine (Lacrima) triggering a refermentation that amalgamates the two identities (wine and syrup). Fermentation is stopped at about 14% alcohol by volume, with a residual sugar (160 gr / l) which ensures pleasantness

Organoleptic examination
Deep ruby red with amaranth reflections.
Intense and complex, sensual notes of violet flowers and pulpy hints of ripe red fruits almost in jam.
Softness in balance between flavor and structure. The floral notes and in particular the cherry, blackberry and blueberry jam are confirmed. Excellent persistence.

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