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CINGULUM Colognola Verdicchio di Jesi Passito

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"Cingulum" the grapes for Cingulumare over-ripened on thevineyards and dried in boxes.A full body wine with a strong aromatic impact. Excellentwith seasoned cheeses,dry pastries and chocolate.

Denomination: Sweet wine - Verdicchio dei castelli di Jesi Doc Passito

Grapes: 100% Verdicchio

Type of farming: guyot

Vinification: controlled temperature steel

Aging: 2 months in steel on noble lees 3 months in the bottle

50 cl bottle - Contains sulphites

Alcoholic content: 12.5%

The Cingulum verdicchio passito of the Cantina Cològnola-Tenuta Musone is the result of a careful and passionate work that characterizes the right sugar and alcohol content and a good fixed acidity, which helps to enhance the aromas and maintain them over time.

Organoleptic characteristics
Visual examination: golden yellow color with greenish reflections.
Olfactory examination: pleasant, aromatic, fine and delicate perfume.
Taste: aromatic and sweet flavor, typical with a very delicate vein of freshness

Pairings: it is preferably combined at the end of a meal with light cakes, pies, dry biscuits, almond paste, dry sweets and chocolate

To appreciate it in its fullness, it should be served at a temperature of about 12 ° C

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