BUCCHERO INFOSSATO Typical Cheese Fontegranne

BUCCHERO INFOSSATO cheese, pasta cooked, made with raw cow's milk and whole and kid rennet

Appearance; irregular cylindrical with a height irregular, slightly wrinkled skin pale straw color, with areas covered with herbs

Inner aspect: consistent paste ivory white with holes of irregular shape and spread

Odor: sharp, tangy, herbaceous. Humus and grass fermented

Taste: firm cheese, fragrant, sweet at first, spicy, with notes of earth and mushroom

Seasoning: 2 months in cell maturation, 3 months in the cave and then aged in the pits for a period of four months

Serve thinly sliced

Pack: 500 grams

The raw milk cheese is much more than a wonderful food, it is the authentic expression of one of the best culinary traditions.

It is an art and a way of life. It is a culture, a heritage and a landscape loved.

And it is in danger of extinction! In danger because the values ​​it embodies are at odds with sterilization and standardization of food massificati

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