CANNELLINI BEANS very popular bean in Italy

Cannellini beans are a very popular bean in Italy, where the people living there have been affectionately nicknamed, mangiafagiole, or "beaneaters".
Cannellini are often the bean of choice used in Marche cooking - most notably in Fagioli all'Uccelletto, where boiled cannellini beans are sautéed in olive oil, sage and tomatoes, the way small birds (uccelli) are prepared in this part of Italy.
They are however, also eaten throughout Italy, and many regions have their own traditional recipes for dried beans. Because it maintains its shape well when cooked and has a mellow flavor, the cannellini bean is excellent in many dishes, and can be used interchangeably with other white beans in many recipes.

They appear to be white kidney beans, and if unavailable, you can substitute Great Northern beans, or Borlotti (cranberry) beans in most recipes.

Because of their highly nutritious yet very economical qualities however, beans slowly became an integral ingredient in Italian cuisine once again, and remain an important ingredient in an Italian kitchen

Weight: 500 grams

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