Jam APPLE ROSE 230gr Le Spiazzette Slow Food Presidium of the Sibillini

5,81 €

The compote of Mele Rosa dei Sibillini is made with the fruits coming from the farm Le Spiazzette di Amandola.

The pink Sibillini apple is a fruit cultivated for millennia in the foothills area of ​​the Sibillini. Unmistakable, thanks to its particular flattened and irregular shape, it presents a sugary pulp and an intense and aromatic scent.

It takes excellent organoleptic and nutritional characteristics. It is naturally resistant to fruit pathogens.

Ingredient: pink apple (minimum 75%), sugar and lemon.

Production area: Slow Food Presidium is a project that promotes small quality productions, to be safeguarded, cultivated according to traditional and sustainable practices.

FROM THE MOUNTAINS SIBILLINI THE DOLCE FRUTTO DELLA NATURA: can be used to accompany meats, cheeses and first courses. Ideal for breakfast.

Glass jar net weight 230 grams

The cultivation of pink apples was almost completely abandoned and only a few very old trees had managed to survive, but for some years they have returned to cultivation, thanks to the meticulous work of the Mountain Community of the Sibillini, which has reintroduced the ecotypes stored in the centers of local research.
The collection of pink apples goes from the end of August to the end of October, but can be consumed until the end of the following spring.

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