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VERNACCIA di SERRAPETRONA DOCG dry red wine slightly sparkling

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The very rare Italian natural red sparkling wine in terms of limited production, characterized by a very strong identity, based on a deep connection with the territory.
The excellence of this wine is not only a natural peculiarity, but the fruit of an ancient knowledge that is renewed.

Type: slightly sparkling dry red wine very sought after and appreciated by the greatest connoisseurs who celebrate its virtues

Denomination: Vernaccia di Serrapetrona DOCG

Grapes: 100% black vernaccia

Production area: the whole territory of the municipality of Serrapetrona and in part that of the municipalities of Belforte del Chienti and San Severino Marche (province of Macerata)
igneti in Cese and Colli, Ha 20.00, installation in 1970 : environmental conditions and culture of the vineyards are the traditional ones of the area, no forcing, altitude below 700 meters and sufficiently sunny
The yield of grapes does not exceed 10 tons per hectare

Winemaking: it is very particular, and is perhaps the only wine in the world that foresees 3 successive fermentations and refermentations, a part of the grapes is vinified at the time of harvest, the remaining 60%, is subjected to slight withering in suitable premises or by l use of ventilation systems. By the middle of January the grapes are pressed and at the end of the month the last phase begins, which consists in the union of the must obtained from the grapes dried with the base wine. In the third and last fermentation the wine thus obtained is subjected to sparkling by natural fermentation
Prolongation times: 9/10 months

Organoleptic characteristics
Bright ruby red color
Odor: characteristic vinous. Fine and persistent perlage
Typical aromas, intense and aromatic, smooth, velvety, full-bodied, persistent, pleasantly bitter aftertaste

Pairings: a wine for the whole meal, excellent served as an aperitif, ideal with cold cuts and cheeses
Serving temperature: 8 ° - 10 ° C, uncorking the bottle at the moment, taking care to tilt it slightly forward

Alcohol content: 12.5%

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